"We've had five fantastic summer classes in the Whitsundays! The interplay of field and classroom activities has brought our lessons in marine ecology and conservation to life. The volunteer work for GBRMPA, Reef Check, and OUCH have been student favorites. The cruises to the Islands and the Barrier Reef have amazed us all. The ability to teach about the connections between land and sea by visiting the nearby watershed and estuary as well as the coastal zone has been a real highlight for me as a Professor. What an incredible teaching and learning opportunity! This would not have been possible without Whitsunday Training. Thanks so much for all things, both big and small, that you've done to make our educational trips so rewarding!"

- Dr Philip Pepe, Maricopa College, Phoenix, Arizona

"Wow! My sea legs are still with me and I am still swaying from side to side despite being back on land. We had a fantastic time on the yachts! We divided up into girls and boys boats, learnt how to grind the sails and raced each other across the seas. As well as a good amount of sunbathing and multiple snorkel and dive sessions, we also went on land at the stunning Whitehaven Beach."

- Abby, Blyth International Summer Program 2007

"Our residence at Club Crocodile has proved to be a great location with all vital utilities, and all English lessons now seem to take place in either the lagoon or the hot tub! We have been fitting lessons around snorkelling, scuba diving and sunbathing on the Great Barrier Reef, plus horse riding and splashing around in cascading waterfalls. School has never been so much fun!"

- Sophie, Blyth International Summer Program 2007

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